Press Quotes

“Joshua Panda Band puts on one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen. The energy and the charisma – is so natural that you can’t help but be pulled in. Go see it, and you’ll be converted too!” –Ben Coe, The Artist Farm

“Three Year-Old Gospel Prodigy Matures into a 25 Year-Old ‘Force of Nature’” –


“With an incredibly soulful voice that belies his mere 25 years, country/folk/soul musician Joshua Panda is straight-up awesome. At his best, Panda is like a dude version of Patsy Cline and, at his worst, he’s still pretty damn good.” –Santa Fe Reporter


“Remarkable Voice of Joshua Panda Fuels Spirited Americana/Soul/Country Album” –


“This is Panda’s show. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more compelling front man in Burlington at the moment. And, even given the leap he’s already made, it’s safe to say Joshua Panda is just getting started.” –Seven Days (Burlington, VT)